Caribbean Coconut Soap


A tropical twist of coconut milk and cool vanilla scent. It’s a perfect escape from those winter blues. Close your eyes and imagine you are at the beach!


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Coconut Oil Soap

It’s the perfect Coconut Soap!

This clear, handmade, glycerin bar soap is made from Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, and Safflower Oil.  This oil base creates a beautiful, rich, creamy lather to completely indulge yourself in while in the shower or bath.  Not only is this Coconut Oil soap bar full of benefits but it also smells divine!  Imagine yourself on the white, sandy beaches of the tropics.  The tropical Hawaiian scent takes you there.  

The white flakes are made to resemble coconut but are actually soap too!  You will love the way you feel after using this luxurious soap bar.  

Treat yourself!

*Due to the nature of making small, individual batches by hand, every bar of soap we create is completely unique. Please be aware that the color and design of the bar you receive may differ slightly to those shown in the pictures.


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